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Ethical Fashion

What is Ethical Fashion?

To me Ethical Fashion is about knowing the whole journey our clothes have been on to get to us.

It's about knowing what they're made from and how they were produced.

Who made them, what chemicals were used, if any.

How they got to us.

Then at the end of their life (and lets hope they have a good long life with us) how they go back into the earth or are up-cycled into something else.

As well as this it's also about Slow Fashion, a fashion that evolves with our lifestyles and personalities. That lasts for years because it evolves with us.

It's that favorite skirt that's just the right shape in just the right colours with that fabric that we'll love forever and will last a good long time too, still looking good, still holding it's shape.


Since moving into the earthship and creating KnitaFrolic these things have become more important to me.

I'm at the beginning of a long journey of investigation and trials where

I'll be learning how to make some of my own clothes and looking into buying ethical clothes.

I'll be creating patterns to knit, crochet and maybe even sew.

I'll be sourcing ethically produced yarns and fabrics.

And I'll be asking lots of questions.

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