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27 Jun 08

Searing heat

I couldn't bear to take photos of all the dry leaves we found on arrival at the land today. The satsuma tree has suffered a total loss of leaves - we're not sure if it will ever recover. The raspberry canes are brown sticks with shrivelled leaves on top and the onions have stopped trying. Admittedly it has been a seriously hot June and we haven't been for a couple of weeks. So, we've dug up the onions, or should I say the shallots and watered everything else in the hope that their roots are still ok.

Beaming lovely

After finishing the notching of the remaining beams this morning we spent the afternoon hauling all the beams in place and shimming up. It's a lovely feeling standing below them now - like we're in a proper room.

Here's Dave and Fran.


Oh, and it's official. We got the signed and stamped paperwork this week confirming the approval for the main project.

Top view of beams showing the shimming.


A little time waster

This is one of the reasons we haven't been earthshipping for a couple of weeks. We're looking after mum cat and her kitten. No really, when we found the kitten, now called Dib-Dab, he was quite undernourished. His brother and sister had been mauled by a local tom cat so Dibs needed a lot of tlc.


He looks like he's settled in now doesn't he?